2028 next!

Join our two-day Bitcoin halving farm festival to celebrate Bitcoin becoming scarcer than gold.

- An event by Norwegian Bitcoiners for all Bitcoiners. 

A celebration of scarcity

The best social gatherings are created when people from all different walks of life, united through a common set of free-thinking mindset, get together to celebrate life. Thats why Bitcoin events are so awesome, and why we think this celebration of the next halving epoch will be a memory for life.

Cold baths and seminars

To get the good vibes and creative juices flowing, we will arrange multiple activities including cold baths with our own Norwegian Wim Hof, viking competitions, wild boar roasting and shit talking around the fire, educational content, and much more.

Number of tickets hard capped at 210*

*Only Bitcoin payments accepted

We will eat and live on the farm

Enjoy a soil to table culinary journey, hosted by Eyvy The Farmer, a passionate Bitcoiner and our esteemed host. In a true Viking spirit, Eyvy will sacrifice animals for the feast that features grassfed beef and pastured chickens from the farm, as well as a wild boar roasted over the fire. And yes, everything is included in the ticket. This is Bitcoin, for fucks sake.

The countdown begins

In true libertarian spirit, there is no age limit for the event. We do however recommend not bringing kids to the late part of the festival, as it will likely include consumption of alcohol.

"This will be the best halving party. If you don't believe me or don't get it, I don't have time to try to convince you, sorry."

-Satoshi Nakamoto

Tent time

You probably understood by now, that we want to keep this gathering grounded. We therefore welcome our guests to embrace the raw beauty of sleeping under the stars in our tent site (bring your own tent) or find comfort on the barn floor. This isn't about luxury; it's about a real experience – connecting with nature, each other, and the spirit of Bitcoin.

"Let's just say we're celebrating Bitcoin's halving from 70K to 35K – it's our little secret for a peaceful celebration!"


How it started:

Following Jens's Bitcoin podcast where he expressed a desire to host a Bitcoin halving party in a church or something, Eyvy, captivated by the idea, has responded with enthusiasm. Here's a translation of his tweet from Norwegian:

"I have an 800 square meter barn ready for the halving party, located 1 hour outside of Oslo (train stop 15 minutes away, and further bus transport can be arranged).

It's not a church, but as a carpenter once said, 'this barn is so nice, it could have been a church!'

Passing the ball back to you, @Jensemilito."


We want to inform all our guests that this will be an opsec-friendly event. Taking photos of anyone, even in large groups, without permission is strictly prohibited. Anonymity is an important feature of the Bitcoin culture, and we hope everyone respects this. The animals and nature is fair game though!

Location and how to get there

A Bitcoiner's Farm

Welcome to Øvre Lier gård. Where Eyvy the Farmer, a passionate regenerative farmer and Bitcoiner, is reshaping agriculture. Focused on creating sustainable change, Eyvy intertwines his farming life with Bitcoin principles, aiming for sovereignty, freedom, and happiness. This farm is more than land and livestock; it's a journey towards a harmonious, nature-driven existence.

The closest train station is Mysen Stasjon, less than one hour south-east of Oslo. Shuttle bus transport will be arranged for both arrival and departure. If you want to travel by car, parking spots will be available at the farm.

An authentic, grounded adventure

We want the Bitcoin Halving Festival to be authentic above all else. We would rather be 21 based freedom fighters around the fire than 2100 moonboys on a yacht. For capacity reasons the tickets are capped at 210. We’re not gonna try to FOMO you into buying one with fiat pricing schemes, other than this simple fact: Tickets cost 210 000 sats and the ETF`s are NOT priced in!

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