Saturday april 20th:

10:00- 11:00: Bitcoin Runners 5k - for the early birds that can do with a cold shower/creek afterwards. 

Meetup by the Sauna

12:00-13:00: Meetup at the farm

Please register at the "welcome-table"


13:00-1400: Welcome speech by the host followed by farm tour

Meetup by the fireplace

1400-1445: Fiat Fantastic: Elefanten i rommet er pengesystemet. 

 Meetup in the barn

15:00-17:00: Viking competitions

 Meetup by the fireplace

17:00-18:00: Grassfed burgers, roasted roosters and grilled wild boar feast

 Meetup in the barn

18:00-18:45: Torbjørn Bull Jenssen: Penger gjennom historien - Fra Nassarius til Nakamoto

Meetup in the barn

19:00-20:00: Musical performance by a Viking with a beard

Meetup in the barn

20:00-20:45: Rune Østgård: Kjemp for Bitcoin!

Meetup in the barn

21:00-22:00: Mjødpanel / MeadPanel

Meetup in the barn

22:00-> The world's most based halving party

Meetup in the barn, by the fireplace or in the party-tent.


Sunday April 21st:

08:00-10:00: Bonfire breakfast

Meetup by the fireplace

10:00-11:00: Andreas´ Harding: Detox through an introduction to breathwork, followed by self-guided heat and cold exposure session.

Meetup in party-tent Please bring a sleeping mat and a sleeping bag!

11:00-12:00: Lyttesession - uhørt materiale fra Bitcoinsnakks norgeshistorie med introduksjon fra produsenten Nico64

Meetup in party-tent.