When does the festival start?

The festival begins Saturday 20 - 12:00 to Sunday 21 April. See the full program here.

Can I take photos at the festival?

Please refrain from taking photos without explicit permission from the subjects. We deeply respect the privacy of all our guests, and some wish to remain completely anonymous. In honoring these preferences, we ask for your full cooperation and understanding in maintaining a respectful and privacy-conscious environment for everyone.

Will there be accommodation available?

We invite you to bring your own tent and join us in the field for a true outdoor experience. For those who prefer, you're also welcome to set up an inflatable mattress in the barn. Plus, join our Signal/X group to connect with fellow guests for tent-sharing opportunities.

Is there an age limit for the festival?

We haven`t set any age limit on this event. However, we do expect alcohol to be consumed at least during parts of the event, and therefore do not recommend bringing kids. This isn`t like opening a trading account though, so we´re not gonna check any ID´s. We trust you to make reasonable decisions.

What does the ticket include?

- Dinner consisting of grassfed beef from the farm

- Whole roasted wild boar and roosters over the fire

- Viking competitions where the winner will have the honor of cutting the Bitcoin supply in half

- Educational content, talks and entertainment, including Rune Østgård among others.

- Wim Hof experience with Andreas Harding

- Transport to and from Mysen station (1 hour from Oslo, Norway) / free parking

What should I wear to the festival?

Dress code is optional, but warm clothes are recommended due to the outdoor nature of many activities.

Where will the festival take place?

It's located at Delingsrudveien 109, 1852 Mysen, Norway.

You can take the R22 train from Oslo Central Station/Oslo Airport to Mysen. Here there will be a shuttle bus marked with Bitcoin stickers, that will take you to the festival Area (15 min drive). Contact us if there is nobody there. 

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